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These Blades fit perfect on a Gaui X3, Trex 450, Blade 450x or simulare Helis in that size.

This is the third generation of our asymmetrical blades already. We constantly work on this product to improve the appearance and the performance. A lot of our costumers asked for a more stable flight performance without decreasing the fast but smooth reaction to the steering inputs.

Using new production techniques we were able to optimize the airfoil by changing the nose area slightly to increase the airflow and the efficiency of the blade, most noticeable by the increased flight time. We recommend these blades to be used by pilots not interested to fly 3 D maneuvers, for scale helicopter pilots interested to fly with lower rpm and for inexperienced pilots to improve their flight skills. Due to the improved lift factor of the new airfoil profile and the relocation of the cg further to the wingtip, the rpm can be reduced without decreasing performance, but increasing possible flight time and decreasing wear and tear. The well known instability will start at lower rpm than normal as well.

The rotor blade connection hole will not be drilled anymore, but is produced during the production process. By doing that, we avoid that any fiber material will be damaged and the overall strength of the blades is decreased. We did not want to change the well known SpinBlades appearance, so we kept the ?Carbon window? and the brilliant white of the blades. So everybody can be sure, we are using high quality raw material for these high performance blades. Of course all blades will undergo intensive high quality checks and being balanced prior shipment to the costumer.

These Blades fit perfekt on a Gaui X3, Trex 450, Blade 450X or simular Helis in that size.

root:bolt hole:weight per blade:max rpm.widthforward:profil:direction of rod.:
4,5mm3mmca.39 g350041mm1-2mmasym.


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