Registration Competency Test

If you operate an unmanned aircraft (including Free Flight but excluding control line) weighing more than 250g outdoors after the 30th November then it will become a legal requirement to be registered as an Operator with the CAA and be able to provide evidence that you are aware of the applicable laws.  Those who only operate control line aircraft will be exempted from the requirements. This test meets the requirements of the CAA Drone and Model Aircraft  Registration & Education Scheme (DMARES). If you already hold a BMFA Achievement Certificate (BPC, A , B etc) you do not need to take this test.

You are ultimately responsible for the safe and lawful operation of your aircraft and must ensure you are familiar with all the information at the links below.

The Guide to model flying and operation of unmanned aircraft can be found here.  Also see The Law in Bitesize here.

The BMFA Members Handbook also provides appropriate safety guidance for each  model flying discipline.

If you’re already an experienced flyer, you may not need to read the guides first, but you must either pass this test or hold another BMFA Achievement Scheme Certificate.