This is the beautiful Valiant 10cc from Hangar 9 it is a laser-cut balsa and lite plywood constructed model that has proven to be tough, light and consistently flyable. Like its giant scale brother, the 10cc Valiant has a two-piece, cantilevered, plug-in wing bolstered by an aluminium wing tube. The top hatch also makes the jump from the original Hangar 9 Valiant which makes field assembly simple. The flaps are properly sized, effective and predictable, characteristics seldom found in the same airframe. The flaps give the 10cc Valiant a remarkable Short Take-Off and Landing capability that allows doing near vertical take-offs or flying from the smallest of flying sites without stuffing a bigger engine in the cowl. The flaps also slow the 10cc Valiant to a walk for landing on the wide-spaced aluminium landing gear that also enhances ground handling. The front windshield is actually a large hatch held on by strong magnets and provides easy access to the battery or gas tank. Also supplied with the model is a nicely painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants. Hangar 9 also has a set of floats that fit the 10cc Valiant to make use of this terrific airframe on the water.