The New OXY Heli is HERE! THe OXY 5 Nitro is Available for Pre-Order today

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XY 5 Technical and standard specs:

- Main Blade Length:             From 600 to 625mm with Standard Kit Transmission Ratio

                                           From 550 to 575 with optional Transmission Ratio sold separately.

- Main Grip Clamping:           M4 / 10 and 12mm Root.

- Tail Blade Length:               Any from 85mm to 105mm.

- Tail Blade Clamping:           M3 / 5 mm Root.

- Standard Main Gear:          163T Module 0.8mm with Sprag Bearing One-Way System.

- Standard Pinion:                19T – (Optional 22T sold separately).

- Standard Main Ratio:          8.578 – (Optional 7.40).

- Standard Main Pulley:         84T.

- Standard Tail Pulley:           19T (Optional 18-20 sold separately).

- Standard Tail Ratio:            4.42 (Optional 4.66 / 4.20).

- Standard Landing Gear:      Plastic Strut Black Color with Black Tubes Skids.

- Tank Capability:                 420ml.

- RTF Approx. Weight:          3500g (full tank).

- Motor size:                        Any .50 to .60 Nitro Heli Engine.

- Servo Size:                        Kit comes with Std. Size Cyclic Servo and Std. or Mini Tail Servo

                                           (Optional Mini Size Cyclic Servo Supports sold separately)