DEMETER E1 Intelligent GPS Precision Chemical Dispersion Helicopter

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DEMETER E1 Intelligent GPS Precision Chemical Dispersion Helicopter RHE1E01XW 

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DEMETER E1 can spray up to 0.48 acres per minute, and the average work load per person is 0.24 acres every half hour. Effectively reducing manpower, time and money.
The E1 is designed with automated flight controls. The helicopter has easy operations through the APP to create flight paths and spraying operations.

The helicopter uses a variety of composite technology with excellent anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, improving durability and having excellent protection in harsh environments.
The new main frame design uses 3K carbon fiber materials which is lightweight, durable, and provides a rigid mechanical structure. 
Weather resistant design including water, dust and dirt provides multi-element protection.


850MX motor rotor is produced with special balance calibration and adopted the newest blower rear cover, providing powerful heat dissipation airflow and deliberate modification and lightweight design, with high efficiency, powerful torque, lower power consumption and lower temperature. It's obviously feel plenty torque power, main blades are keep in fixed rotating speed and uniformly power in whole flight.

Includes a built-in cooling system to maintain low internal body temperature. The cooling system activates when the internal body temperature increases and continues to operate after the motor is turned off. The cooling system is designed to protect the motor, electronic equipment, and other parts. The APP displays internal temperature information.


12S main power switch module is designed to control 12S battery and ESC device connection ON/OFF; also can provide power voltage and currency information.

Use with HOBBYWING RCE-BL200A Brushless ESC. A high quality, and high voltage MOSFET with a great current endurance guarantees the ESC’s safety especially in a extremely high power demanding situation. The innovative "duo" stacking structure allows all components on both sides of the printed circuit boards to quickly conduct heat to the aluminum case.


Power control panel is located in the front and on top of the canopy to allow for easy LED status checking. One-piece body design highly integrates AP2 flight controller, P2 PCU power control unit and receiver in the canopy preventing exposure to dust and moisture.

AP2 delivers; Advanced Technology Information and Precision Computing, Ground Station Automatic Operation Mode, Automated Guidance Mapping, Auto Operational Flight Paths, Optical Radar Terrain Detection System, Altitude Positioning, Equipped Video and Spray System Monitoring to achieve advanced spray capacity. Providing a safe, efficient and convenient way to deliver superior crop protection.


The P2 PCU(Power Control Unit) integrates into the power management system efficiently supplies power to the motor, engine starter, spray system, flight control system, the navigation system, camera, video transmission, and includes status monitoring display of all power control systems. Upon landing. These features provide a safe and reliable power control system with safety management.

Satellite Positioning Module with (GPS + Glonass) or (GPS + BDS) provide precise, stable and fast positioning in real-time to avoid drift and frequency issue.


Chemical containers utilize a quick release and lock in place design. In as little as 5 seconds containers can be changed. This snap and lock feature is convenient, safe, fast, and reduces the operator’s contact with chemicals. DEMETER E1 with high load capacity includes standard equipment capable of carrying 15 liters of liquid chemicals. Capable of spraying 29 acres per hour to save labor and operating time. Built-in flow control system to keep an even fuel balance from both tanks.

Equipped with 90-degree camera range and 130-degree wide angle. Easily switch to monitor display (POP) to watch video transmission instantly on APP spraying operation monitor in real-time.


Utilizing the FPV camera the pilot can map a precise route for agricultural spraying. Unlike traditional farming and A-B mapping, the DEMETER FPV camera mapping is efficient, while saving time.

Equipped with a extremely bright LED search headlight, to improve night exploration with better visibility and improved safe night operation.


A13 GST is an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip and precision gimbal control. The built-in integration of this new remote control system was developed specifically to allow single button control of multiple functions and to improve flight efficiency. Ground System APP is used to adjust the remote control parameters and custom button mode, so the DEMETER maintains the best-performing state.
Using a dual-frequency transmission system, with high-gain antenna, effectively enhancing the anti-jamming capability and picture quality.

Each sprayer uses a standard fan-shaped nozzle designed to reduced wear and tear to maintain an effective spray pattern also designed to be used on different crops to apply chemicals appropriate for the desired spray application program.
Flexibility to adjust the flow and atomization effect according to required operational needs by choosing either the efficient or strong spray mode. Each sprayer uses a standard fan-shaped nozzle designed to reduced wear and tear to maintain an effective spray pattern. The DEMETER is equipped with four spray nozzles designed to be used on different crops to apply chemicals appropriate for the desired spray application program.


The new spraying technology offers precise and well-distributed spraying controls, to achieve the maximum spray area with minimum chemical use.
The DEMETER E1 2166mm rotor blade span produces a powerful, consistent downwash allowing for complete chemical coverage deep into the crops.

A sonar altimeter is used to detect the terrain height so the helicopter can adjust to maintain the same distance from the plants to provide a uniform spray across all crops.


The Ground System APP is used to simplify the configuration of the spray route mapping. Use the drag and drop feature to mark the designated area for spray application. The APP calculates an efficient spray route which is displayed. The spray route can easily be adjusted using the APP. If the amount of liquid, to be sprayed, is entered the Ground System will automatically calculate any remaining parameters, thus conveniently improving the efficiency of route mapping and spray application.
When flying and turning a corner, it'll close Spraying; when moving forward in route, it'll re-start and make sure no Spraying at the same place. If there are buildings or objects, setting obstacle mark to make DEMETER keep away this area spraying.

DEMETER E1 incorporates an intelligent route interruption resume function. The AP2 saves the last chemical spray-location. This function allows the DEMETER to return to the previous spray location to continue the programmed spray path. This particular feature ensures reliable deployment of chemicals to provide efficient plant protection.


Offer two flight mode (Nose heading to the front or Nose heading to the back) allow to keep the most efficient spraying to save the chemical and reduce the ground pollution.

The Ground Station APP simplifies route mapping to automate flight. A complex mission is quickly programmed to achieve full automation of chemical spraying, applying a uniform application on the crop or farmland. The system is designed to apply the maximum application of chemical in the shortest time to increase efficiency for better results to ensure maximum crop yield.
Flying Altitude: Setup flight altitude.
Flying Speed: Setup flight speed.
Spaying Speed: Setup spaying speed during flight.
Flight Mode of Heading Nose: 
- Custom Mode: User setup their own nose heading direction on APP system before flying.
- Auto Mode: The nose heading direction is based on flight controller detection.
- Manual Mode: The nose heading direction is based on users radio control.


Display flight path and trajectory. Record all flight information such as flight distance, time, speed, altitude, voltage, current, record flight, and much more.
Record each mission; location, time, area, spray flow and path. Quickly transfer a planned spray map route and control settings to implementation as a project.
Record each task details: location, time, area, spray flow, chemical, crop type, and so on. Spray operation management will be more efficient, controlled, and redundant spraying is avoided.

It has a voice reminding when operating any instruction, also has a voice warning when detecting any problem with flight (open/close the voice function and volume contorl via APP).
Warning functions display; low voltage, low fuel, and the number of satellites are less than 10.


When selecting Direct Return three options are available.
1. Fly within a 5-meter range. The APP alerts user before starting the automatic return. Return the original height coordinates and land at a height of 2m above the HOME point.
2. Fly within a 5 to 30-meter range. The APP alerts user before starting the automatic return. The APP prompts for either [original altitude return] or [return after ascending], and then an auto return landing at a height of 2m above the HOME point.
3. Fly in the range of 30-meter away. The APP alerts user before starting the automatic return. The APP prompts for either [return after ascending 10 meters] and landing at a height of 2m above the HOME point.

Note:Auto return speed: 1.5M/s within 5 to 30 meters, 3M or 4M/s outside 30 meters.


Standard equipment

●DEMETER E1 Kits Set x 1 set
●DEMETER E1 Fuselage x 1 set
●990mm 3K Carbon Fiber Blades x 1 set
●120mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades x 1 set
●RCE-BL200A Brushless ESC x 1
●RCE-BL35P Pump Brushless ESC x 1
●850MX Brushless Motor(450KV/4535) x 1
●DS825M High Voltage Brushless Servo x 1
●DS820M High Voltage Brushless Servo x 3
●A13 GST Transmitter x 1 (include A6B Receiver)
●AP2 Flight Controller System x 1
●GPS Module x 1
●VTD1 1080HD Digital Video Transmitter x 1
●1080 DV Gimbal x 1
●P2 PCU Power Control Unit x 1
●12S Power Control Module x 1
●E1 Power Control Panel x 1
●LED Status Light x 1
●LED Headlight x 1
●Cooling Fan x 1
●Millimeter Wave Radar x 1
●Flow Detecting Module x 1
●Pump x 1

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly

●6S Li-Po 10000mAh x 2 


●Body Length:1677mm
●Body Height:570mm
●Body Width:427mm
●Main Rotor Length:990mm
●Main Rotor Diameter:2166mm
●Tail Rotor Diameter:313mm
●Full Load:29.5kg (approx.)
●850MX Brushless Motor(450KV/4535)
●Max Output Power:5100W/11000W(2sec)
●Liquid Chemical Capacity:15L
●Maximum Flight Speed:8M/sec
●Spray Rate:spray up to 0.48 acres per minute
●Flight Duration:15 min(10000mAh Battery) 
●Spray System
  • Atomized particles:
    SF11001:136 Micron
    SF11005:136~177 Micron

AP2 Flight Controller System

●Input Voltage:DC 6-8.4V
●Operating Current Consumption:< 300mAh @ 6V
●Operating Frequency:180MHz
●Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ 65°C(-4°F ~ 149°F)
●Hovering Precision (Depending on Satellite Status):Horizontal ±1m(3.28ft),Vertical ±1m(1.64ft)
●Maximum Flight Speed:8M/sec
●Maximum Altitude Restriction:300m(984ft) above the takeoff point
●Maximum Angular Speed:Aileron/Elevator 200°/sec, Rudder 400°/sec
●Maximum Tilting Angle:40°
●Supports Helicopter Configurations:ALIGN DEMETER E1/ DEMETER G1
●Dimension:43.8x35.5x20.4 mm

VTD1 1080 HD Digital Video Transmitter

●Working Frequency:5~5.9Ghz
●Way of Transmission:SDR Wireless Transmission Frame
●Wide Transmission Distance:1.5~2km
●Emission Power:200mw(23dBm)
●Power Consumption:Transmitter < 2.5W,Receiver < 2W
●Latency:< 40ms
●Video Output:1080P/720P HD Digital Video Transmission
●Mobile Phone/Tablet:Android、iOS and Flight Controller OSD Display
●Antenna:5dB Circular Antenna

850MX(450KV/4535)Brushless Motor

●Input Voltage:12S
●Max Continuous Current:115A/250A(2sec)
●Max Output Power:5100W/11000W(2sec)
●Stator Arms:12
●Magnet Poles:10

Millimeter Wave Radar

●Emission Frequency:24~24.20 Ghz
●Emission Power ( EIRP ):13~24 dBm
●Measurement Accuracy:±0.02M
●Update Rate:50Hz 
●Range Resolution:0.75M
●Working Temperature:-40℃~85℃


P2 PCU Power Control Unit

●Input Voltage:7.4V~12.6V
●Operating Frequency:168MHz
●Operating Temperature:-20°C~65°C(-4°F~149°F)

1080 DV



Spraying System

●Pump Supply Voltage:12V
●Pump Power Consumption:3A
●Flow Detecting:Chemical Volume Spray Detecting
●Flow Control:Spray Calculator( 0~2 L/min )
●Container Volume:15L
●Pump Control:Spray Amount Setting( 0~2 L/min )

Standard Nozzle

●Model No.:SF11001(Orange) 120
●Atomized Particles:136μm
●Spraying Speed:MAX 100%
●Spraying Time(10L with 4 spraying nozzle):7min
●Liquid Sprayed (Per spraying nozzle)L/min:0.36
●Spraying Angle:Fan-shaped nozzle 110 degrees.
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Product CodeRHE1E01XT
EAN / Barcode9900000278212
Product TypeHelicopter
skill levelsExpert
Model Type700+ Class Helicopter
Build LevelKit Unassembled
Scale800 Class
Fuel TypeBrushless Motor
RC Vehicle TypeRC Helicopter
Prop and Blade Size721-900mm
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