Discover Our Exciting Range Of RC Helicopters Online

Flying into the air and experiencing the dainty work of a helicopter way up in the sky will always be exciting. Whether you are looking to hone your skills as an RC pilot or you want to teach your child how they can control a helicopter, our online store can be the hub of products that you need.

At Align Trex we are trusted as a leading online store for individuals searching for the best RC helicopters. Sourcing them all from leading brands such as Goblin, Blade, Mikado and our own collection of Align products.

What helicopter is right for your needs?

To help you choose the right RC helicopters for you and to understand more about the capabilities of our products, here are what to choose for beginners, novices and experts:

  • Beginner RC helicopters: The best way to start your helicopter journey is to buy one that is ready to fly. Simple instructions and pick-up-and-play controls will get you started in the best way.
  • Novice RC helicopters: We have a collection of small and fun helicopters that are ideal for you to making the most of the skills you have learned and seeing them evolve with high manoeuvrability and simple controls.
  • Expert RC helicopters: If you want to perform skills, get past obstacles and test yourself to the limit, get yourself a RC helicopter kit that you can modify.

To discover more about our products at Align Trex, speak with us today.