RC Helicopter Spares

Here at ALIGN-TREX Models we know that sometimes parts break after time or just from a hard crash, therefore we stock a wide range of spares, hop-ups and accessories from the leading manufacturers of RC Model Helicioters. Available at low prices and with fast, free shipping to the UK as well as worldwide shipping also available, this will allow you to get your RC model back up in running in no time.

The parts and spares for all the major RC part manufactures that are listed below and are all sorted into categories to make finding the product  or part you need easy and hassle free to find. 

We also offer a repairs service that is available for most RC related models. These are carried out by our expert repairs team and are done in-house meaning that we can provide a quick turn around on all of the repairs that we carry out. 

We categorise our products by manufacturer and so that each model has all the products that we stock for it sorted, so that you know you are getting the right product.

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  1. R550723-10 OUTRAGE M3 Metal Washer (3mmx8mmx1mm) - Fusion 50
    SKU: R550723-10
    Special Price £2.15 Regular Price £3.59
  2. R90N475-1 OUTRAGE 4mm Hex "L" Wrench - Velocity 90
    SKU: R90N475-1
    Special Price £2.15 Regular Price £3.59
  3. Align T-Rex 300X Landing Skid : H30F001XXT
    SKU: H30F001XXT
  4. Align T-Rex 300X Canopy Mounting Bolt H30B012XXT
    SKU: H30B012XXT
  5. Align T-Rex 300X 50 Tail Blade (4) : HQ0503AT
    SKU: HQ0503AT
  6. Align T-Rex 300X Tail Boom Mount : H30T004XXT
    SKU: H30T004XXT
  7. Align A10 Transmitter Simulator Cable : HEP00018T
    SKU: HEP00018T
  8. Align T-Rex 300X Plastic I-shaped Arm Set : H30T008XXT
    SKU: H30T008XXT
  9. 205D Seconds Carbon Fiber Blades HD200BQCB
    SKU: HD200BQCB
    SKU: R90N842-SS
    Special Price £8.63 Regular Price £14.39
  11. Align T-Rex 300X Linkage Ball Set : H30Z001XXT
    SKU: H30Z001XXT
  12. Align T-Rex 300X Plastic Tail Belt Unit : H30T007XXT
    SKU: H30T007XXT
  13. Align T-Rex 300X Gyro Mount Set H30B004XXT
    SKU: Align T-Rex 300X Gyro Mount Set H30B004XXT
  14. Align T-Rex 300X Receiver Mount H30B006XXT
    SKU: H30B006XXT
  15. Align T-Rex 300X Belt Pulley Assembly (2) : H30T006XXT
    SKU: H30T006XXT
  16. Align T-Rex 300X Main Rotor Housing : H30H002XXT
    SKU: H30H002XXT
  17. 430mm Carbon Fiber Main Blades AT-BLADE-430mm
    SKU: AT-BLADE-430mm
  18. 300X Carbon Main Frame H30B001XXW
    SKU: H30B001XXW
  19. 300X Painted Canopy HC3001
    SKU: HC3001
  20. Align T-Rex 300X Main Rotor Holder : H30H007XXT
    SKU: H30H007XXT
  21. Align Mini A.BUS Receiver : HEG00003T
    SKU: HEG00003T
  22. Align T-Rex 300X CCPM Metal Swashplate : H30H004XXT
    SKU: H30H004XXT
  23. Align RCE-BL25A Brushless ESC : HES02501T
    SKU: HES02501T
  24. 550 3G (unboxed) Carbon Fiber Blades HD550B-unboxed
    SKU: HD550B-unboxed
  25. Align 300MX Brushless Motor(3700KV/2216) : HML30M01T
    SKU: HML30M01T
    • -15%
    (Unboxed) Align T-Rex 600N Carbon Fiber Blades HD600F-Unboxed
    SKU: HD600F-Unboxed
    Special Price £55.23 Regular Price £64.98
    • -15%
    DS820M (unboxed) (Full Metal Jacket) High Voltage Brushless Servo HSD82001-Unboxed
    SKU: HSD82001-Unboxed
    Special Price £106.22 Regular Price £124.98
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32 Items

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