RC Helicopter Spares

Here at ALIGN-TREX Models we know that sometimes parts break after time or just from a hard crash, therefore we stock a wide range of spares, hop-ups and accessories from the leading manufacturers of RC Model Helicioters. Available at low prices and with fast, free shipping to the UK as well as worldwide shipping also available, this will allow you to get your RC model back up in running in no time.

The parts and spares for all the major RC part manufactures that are listed below and are all sorted into categories to make finding the product  or part you need easy and hassle free to find. 

We also offer a repairs service that is available for most RC related models. These are carried out by our expert repairs team and are done in-house meaning that we can provide a quick turn around on all of the repairs that we carry out. 

We categorise our products by manufacturer and so that each model has all the products that we stock for it sorted, so that you know you are getting the right product.

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  1. XLPower XL70B21-2 One-Way Bearing Spacer
    SKU: XL70B21-2
  2. XL52A05 25mm*300mm Hook&Loop Fastening Tape
    SKU: XL52A05
  3. Washer 6*8*0.1(5psc) XL48A02
    SKU: XL48A02
  4. XL52A06 S Servo Horn(small)
    SKU: XL52A06
  5. XL52T18 Tail Control Guide
    SKU: XL52T18
  6. XL52A02 Ball Link
    SKU: XL52A02
  7. XL70T19 Rotorhead Spacer Package
    SKU: XL70T19
  8. XL70B27-1 XLPower M2.5×4 Battery Tray Guide Screw
    SKU: XL70B27-1
  9. XL52A07 L Servo Horn(large)
    SKU: XL52A07
  10. XL52T09-2 Tail Rotor Control Lever Screw
    SKU: XL52T09-2
  11. XL52A14 MF117 Bearing
    SKU: XL52A14
  12. 2*5*0.3 Washer (5psc) XL48A01
    SKU: XL48A01
  13. XL70B37-1 Battery Mount ThumbScrew
    SKU: XL70B37-1
  14. XL70B09-1 XLPower M3×25 Screw
    SKU: XL70B09-1
  15. 2.5*5.5*0.5 washer (six) XLPower Protos XL38A01
    SKU: XL38A01
  16. Canopy mounting post XLPower Protos XL38B06
    SKU: XL38B06-1
  17. XL52T15 Tail Shaft
    SKU: XL52T15
  18. XL52B09-1 Canopy Mounting Tab
    SKU: XL52B09-1
  19. XL52H09 Main Shaft Spacer
    SKU: XL52H09
  20. XL52T11 Tail Control Link
    SKU: XL52T11
  21. XL52A03 Servo Mount Nuts
    SKU: XL52A03
  22. XL52A04 Carbon Fiber Servo Mounting Washers
    SKU: XL52A04
  23. XL70H06 Main Rotor Holder Screw
    SKU: XL70H06
  24. XL52A01-1 Metal Elevator Servo Linkage Ball
    SKU: XL52A01-1
  25. XL52A09 6800ZZ Bearing
    SKU: XL52A09
  26. XL52A10 Main Rotor Holder Bearing
    SKU: XL52A10
  27. XL52H11 Radius
    SKU: XL52H11
  28. XL52T14 Tail Feathering Shaft
    SKU: XL52T14
  29. XL52A08 F695ZZ Bearing
    SKU: XL52A08
  30. Canopy mounting post XL38B06
    SKU: XL38B06
  31. XL52B27 Canopy Grommets
    SKU: XL52B27
  32. MSH 700 M3x25 Socket head cap screw MSH71248
    SKU: MSH71248
  33. MSH 700 M3x5 Socket head button screw MSH71249
    SKU: MSH71249
  34. Tail Shaft Hardened XL48T07
    SKU: XL48T07
  35. XL70T02 Tail Linkage Rod
    SKU: XL70T02
  36. XL70T04 Tail Control Guide
    SKU: XL70T04
  37. XL70T13 Tail Shaft
    SKU: XL70T13
  38. XL70A06 XLPower F686ZZ Tail Case Unit Bearing
    SKU: XL70A06
  39. M2,5x5 Tail pitch lever screw MSH XLpower MSH41135
    SKU: MSH41135
  40. M2x4 Socket head cap screw MSH XLPower MSH41141
    SKU: MSH41141
  41. M3x3 Socket set screw MSH XLPower MSH41133
    SKU: MSH41133
  42. M3x6 Socket head cap screw MSH XLPower MSH41130
    SKU: MSH41130
  43. M2.5 Nylon nut XLPower Protos MSH51137
    SKU: MSH51137
  44. M2x14 Socket head cap screw XLPower Protos MSH41124
    SKU: MSH41124
  45. M2x20 Socket head cap screw XLPower Protos MSH41126
    SKU: MSH41126
  46. M2x6 Socket Head Cap Screw MSH51142
    SKU: MSH51142
  47. M3 Nylon nut XLPower Protos MSH41120
    SKU: MSH41120
  48. M3x20 Socket Head Cap Screw MSH51150
    SKU: MSH51150
  49. Tail shaft XLPower Protos MSH41163
    SKU: MSH41163
  50. Washer 2,1x5,5x1 XLPower Protos MSH41144
    SKU: MSH41144
  51. M2.5x5 Socket head MSH41123
    SKU: MSH41123
  52. M2x10 Socket head cap MSH41121
    SKU: MSH41121
  53. M2x16 Socket head cap MSH41125
    SKU: MSH41125
  54. M2x6 Socket head cap MSH41122
    SKU: MSH41122
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Items 1-60 of 502

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