RC Helicopter Spares

Here at ALIGN-TREX Models we know that sometimes parts break after time or just from a hard crash, therefore we stock a wide range of spares, hop-ups and accessories from the leading manufacturers of RC Model Helicioters. Available at low prices and with fast, free shipping to the UK as well as worldwide shipping also available, this will allow you to get your RC model back up in running in no time.

The parts and spares for all the major RC part manufactures that are listed below and are all sorted into categories to make finding the product  or part you need easy and hassle free to find. 

We also offer a repairs service that is available for most RC related models. These are carried out by our expert repairs team and are done in-house meaning that we can provide a quick turn around on all of the repairs that we carry out. 

We categorise our products by manufacturer and so that each model has all the products that we stock for it sorted, so that you know you are getting the right product.

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  1. OXY2 - Vertical Fin Sticker Green SP-OXY2-062
    SKU: SP-OXY2-062
  2. OXY2 - Vertical Fin Sticker Orange SP-OXY2-060
    SKU: SP-OXY2-060
  3. OXY2 - Vertical Fin Sticker White SP-OXY2-061
    SKU: SP-OXY2-061
  4. OXY2 - Vertical Fin Sticker Yellow SP-OXY2-059
    SKU: SP-OXY2-059
  5. Vertical Fin Sticker White SP-OXY3-083
    SKU: SP-OXY3-083
  6. Vertical Fin Sticker Green SP-OXY3-084
    SKU: SP-OXY3-084
  7. Vertical Fin Sticker Orange SP-OXY3-082
    SKU: SP-OXY3-082
  8. OXY2 FE - Swashplate Leveler Tool SP-OXY2-064
    SKU: SP-OXY2-064
  9. OXY2 - Blade Holder SP-OXY2-012
    SKU: SP-OXY2-012
  10. OXY2 - Main Gear Spacer SP-OXY2-057
    SKU: SP-OXY2-057
  11. OXY3 Anti Rotation Guide SP-OXY3-050
    SKU: SP-OXY3-050
  12. Qube 3 Blade Holder OXY3 SP-OXY3-093
    SKU: SP-OXY3-093
    SKU: SP-OXY3-085
  14. OXY3 Tail Case Cover SP-OXY3-032
    SKU: SP-OXY3-032
  15. OXY2 - Tail Pitch Slider - Service Bag SP-OXY2-040
    SKU: SP-OXY2-040
  16. Canopy Grommet 4 PC SP-OXY3-065
    SKU: SP-OXY3-065
  17. OXY3 Battery Hook & Loop, 2 Set SP-OXY3-054
    SKU: SP-OXY3-054
  18. OXY2 - Canopy Mount SP-OXY2-021
    SKU: SP-OXY2-021
  19. OXY3 Tail Pitch Slider - Service Bag SP-OXY3-028
    SKU: SP-OXY3-028
  20. Self-Tapping Button Hex Screw M2x8, 10 PCS M2x8SBH-10
    SKU: M2x8SBH-10
  21. OXY2 - DFC Rod, 4Pcs SP-OXY2-129
    SKU: SP-OXY2-129
  22. OXY2-FE - Tail Bell Crank - Service Bag SP-OXY2-065
    SKU: SP-OXY2-065
  23. OXY2 - CF Anti Rotation Guide SP-OXY2-014
    SKU: SP-OXY2-014
  24. SP-OXY2-020 - OXY2 - CF Break Away Canopy
    SKU: SP-OXY2-020
  25. OXY3 Break Away Canopy Plate SP-OXY3-051
    SKU: SP-OXY3-051
  26. OXY3 Cable Ties Set SP-OXY3-057
    SKU: SP-OXY3-057
  27. WASHER 2X5.5 W1, 10 PCS WM20-55-100
    SKU: WM20-55-100
  28. OXY4 Blade Holder OSP-1013
    SKU: OSP-1013
  29. OXY3 Tail Servo Mount Set SP-OXY3-045
    SKU: SP-OXY3-045
  30. OXY4 - Swashplate Leveler Tool OSP-1055
    SKU: OSP-1055
  31. Threaded Rod M2x10, 10Pcs OSP-1012
    SKU: OSP-1012
  32. OXY4 Boom Mount Lock Rod, Set OSP-1018
    SKU: OSP-1018
  33. OXY3 Plastic Canopy Mount Set of 2 SP-OXY3-014
    SKU: SP-OXY3-014
  34. OXY2 - Damperner SP-OXY2-003
    SKU: SP-OXY2-003
  35. OXY2 - Boom Mount Lock Rod SP-OXY2-027
    SKU: SP-OXY2-027
  36. OXY3-OXY4 Canopy Mount, 2 Set OSP-1077
    SKU: OSP-1077
  37. OXY4 Tail Case Rod OSP-1037
    SKU: OSP-1037
  38. OXY3 Double Side Adhesive Tape, 2PC SP-OXY3-055
    SKU: SP-OXY3-055
  39. OXY4 Boom Clamp Stiffener, Set OSP-1052
    SKU: OSP-1052
  40. OXY4 Break Away Canopy Plate, Set OSP-1024
    SKU: OSP-1024
  41. OXY2 Tail Belt Crank Pin Screw OSP-1263
    SKU: OSP-1263
  42. OXY2 Vertical Fin Sticker, Set OSP-1238
    SKU: OSP-1238
  43. OXY2 Wrench 5mm SP-OXY2-093
    SKU: SP-OXY2-093
  44. Button Hex Cap Screw M2.5x5, 10 PCS M2.5x5BH-10
    SKU: M2.5x5BH-10
  45. Button Hex Cap Screw M2x5, 10 PCS M2x5BH-10
    SKU: M2x5BH-10
  46. Button Hex Cap Screw M2x6, 10 PCS M2x6BH-10
    SKU: M2x6BH-10
  47. Hex Cap Screw M1.6x4, 10 PCS M1.6x4CS-10
    SKU: M1.6x4CS-10
  48. Hex Cap Screw M1.6x5, 10 PCS M1.6x5CS-10
    SKU: M1.6x5CS-10
  49. Hex Cap Screw M1.6x8, 10 PCS M1.6x8CS-10
    SKU: M1.6x8CS-10
  50. Hex Cap Screw M2x12, 10 PCS M2x12CS-10
    SKU: M2x12CS-10
  51. Hex Cap Screw M2x18, 10 PCS M2x18CS-10
    SKU: M2x18CS-10
  52. Hex Cap Screw M2x5, 10 PCS M2x5CS-10
    SKU: M2x5CS-10
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Items 1-60 of 592

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