Invest In Our Beginner Or Expert Radio Controlled Planes

The release of Microsoft’s famous Flight Simulator is certain to be a popular choice when it finally drops. The idea of being a pilot is something that so many want to experience – and we’ve got a great way to start that journey without having to lift your feet from the ground at Align Trex.

Our radio-controlled planes are a perfect little pastime for you to begin with. You will have the chance to control your plane from far away on the ground as you look to find the skills and tenacity to perform the manoeuvres you want to.

At Align Trex we have an ever-growing collection of radio-controlled planes which are ideal for both beginner and expert RC pilots.

To help guide you towards the right radio-controlled plane for your skill level, here’s some ideas for your investment in our products:

  • For the beginners:

Trainer planes are all the rage for children looking to get started as well as enthusiasts seeking an entry level option. They are easier to control and have wider wingspans to help to turn and bank simply.

  • For the experts:

Radio-controlled airplanes built to scale are a great way to show off your love for specific planes and ensure that you have something that looks great while it graces the skies.

If you would like to find out more about our radio controlled planes at Align Trex, speak with our team today.