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Helicopter upto 500 size

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 Most of our new range of RC helicopters come as kit sets require some building time. 

This is great if you like to build yourself.

For some new beginners, or people who just want the helicopter build professionally first time, the following professional service can provide the life line needed between getting started and enjoying the hobby of flying.

Whatever your reasons for wanting us to build your helicopter for you, here at ALIGN-TREX.co.uk we offer a complete heli assembly service , through RCProBuilds 

All assemblies are carried out by pilots themselves who are members of the BMFA.

The build service will cover 3 main phases on the build alogn with an optional 4th phase.

1.Build and professional Check
The idea of this phase is to ensure we build and check our build to a professional standard. Its important to build it, and evan more important that we get the mechanical setup correct. 
Ensure the complete product is build by a professional
Ensure that the helicopter is built mechanically correct
Ensure the frame, Head and Tail are functioning correctly 
Ensure use of lock tight throughout the build along with various checks and corrections to the main body, head and the all important tai

2.Pre Flight Electronic tests
Ensure that the Helicopter functions correctly, were the electronics are correctly installed and setup
Cyclic servos servos
Gyro functions
Limits correctly set
Tail servo functions
Gyro to servo authority
Motor functions
Correct ESC setup and basic functions
Receiver power and correct functions

3.Hover testing

In this phase the idea is to ensure that the helicopter flys, this is not just a quick, up in the air and down again.
Ensure Main blades and Tails are correctly set and functioning
Ensure the Helicopter takes off correctly with
Main blade tracking correctly
Tail holding correctly in Head Lock mode only ( no wiggling )
no slop with the Helicopter slanting with in-correct swatch plate levels

4.Basic packaging 
In order to ship the helicopter, we normal break the helicopter into three parts.
The main Head is removed
The main Tail is removed
This allows us to ship the product securely.

If you purchased a receiver, we will send you the receiver settings as per the transmitter you use.
( Please note this service is to be used in conjunction with a new helicopter purchase, we do not take on a rebuild or repair )

5. Requirements from you

We will need to know the following

What battery connection do you want on the ESC
What Transmitter to do own
If you want us to build directly with your receiver and / or Transmitter, you will need to send this through to us.
You will need to book a build date, so please get in contact and we can provide you a build date and delivery date.

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