Discover Our Remote-Controlled Airplanes Online

Taking to the skies and trying out new tricks in your new RC airplane will be an exciting moment. The beauty of a remote-controlled airplane is the control you can have, the simplicity of use and the potential for development and learning.

Easy to learn and tricky to master, our remote-controlled airplanes at Align Trex come in a wide range of styles to suit your preferences.

What types of remote-controlled airplanes can be bought online at Align Trex?

  • Warbird planes: To scale, these warbird planes are great for those passionate about everything from Cessnas, Spitfires, Catalinas, Tiger Moths and much more. They look like the real thing and, once you have mastered it, can be handled just like a fighter pilot.
  • Trainer planes: If you are looking for a vertical take-off RC airplane that can teach you everything you need to know, we have an exclusive range of larger winged airplanes which will allow you space and time to discover manoeuvres and moves.
  • Micro planes: For an experienced RC pilot it’s important that you get the best products. Our range of micro planes are great for showing off your expertise and include iconic planes such as the MIG-15, Gee Bee and the Night Vapor.

Whatever budget you have outlined, our remote-controlled airplanes at Align Trex could be perfect to complete your RC piloting dreams.

To discover more about our airplanes and our service at Align Trex, get in contact with us today.