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Quadcopters are super stable flying machines that can be used for awesome aerial photography through to the fun FPV (First Person View) Racing. The DJI Phantom Range is the most popular for aerial photography, with the flagship model being the DJI Inspire.

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ALIGN-TREX Models are Europe's largest Drone Specialist and sell a wide range of the best selling drones in the UK. DJI and Blade are the current market leaders for camera drones, all available with 4K UHD video, 3 axis gimbals, GPS and return to home features to name a few. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, DJI Phantom 4, are long time best sellers, as is the top of the range DJI Inspire 2. Other popular brands, particularly for smaller RC drones include Traxxas, Hubsan, Parrot and Ares to name but a few. These smaller drones can be very fast and agile; with drone racing becoming an increasingly popular sport. The choice of drones on the market can be baffling, so if you're not sure which RC drone is best for you then just give our team a call on 01753 694171 or pop instore to speak with our friendly experts!

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