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What shipping methods do you Offer
We offer some simple shipping options which are relatively in expensive
Have you got a tracking number .. Click Here
Check your emails we always send a tracking code for evey order dispatched .. just in case check SPAM folder else .. Click 'READ MORE' below for more information
Where is my Stuff.. Click to read further
Have you recieved our shipping confirmation .. Just check SPAM in case , else Click 'READ MORE' below for more info
Have you shipped yet .. Click to read further
Was the item on a 1-2 Days Shipping ? .. or on a Friday Afternoon ?.. Click 'READ MORE' for more information
How does 'Back Order' work please?
the order is created and moved into back order till stock arrives, allowing first come first serve
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General Questions
Products status what does 'online only' mean
We have use simple status so you know when you will get your goods
Can you please state the physical dimensions of each of these lipos thanks
dimensions are 18x42x135
Gift Card FAQ
you can buy and use Gift Cards in store and online
How do i know which charger i need
Please Read our Guide below to help you select a charger
Do battery checkers work?
Battery Checker can provide the information needed for how much charge is in a battery
What is a grub screw?
Known also as a Set Screw, with no head
What size are grub screws ?
starting from a few mm, they can be quite long to a couple of centermeters
how high can a helicopter fly
The maximum altitude a radio control (RC) helicopter can reach depends on several factors, including the type of helicopter, its power system, and the specific model's design. Generally, most hobby-grade RC helicopters are limited in altitude due to their electric motor power and radio signal range.
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Helicopter Help
quale ingranaggio principale da 112 denti va bene con questo pignone?
The align part H60G001XXT, can be used against this pinon.
Is there a way to fly it with a stability mode ?
try using a flybalress unit that offers this
Hi, Will this fit in the OMP M2 EVO?
this will work fine on the omp evo and goosky s2 helicopters
I’m looking to order align DS416M servo gears will you have them in stock soon
Unfortunintly we are not able to get the gears for the DS416 any more, as these are discontinued
Can this be used to update fc6250hx flight controller
the correct lead to use is the Spektrum USB Interface AS3X Receiver Programming Cable SPMA3065, which will work correctly
Hi, will this helicopter work with the A10 Transmitter as it has the 150 GRS receiver or can you get the 150X with the GRSA receiver. I can see the combo 150 with transmitter has this but I already have a transmitter?
unfortunitly not, only the RTF version can use the A10 or a replacement board
Will this work with align t15 helicopter and is the app all I need to set up if so
This Futaba transmitter radio will not work work, you will need S-FHSS protocol on the rc transmitter
how to bind an frsky transmitter with a vbar reciever ?
Follow the instructions below
Is this still not working with SPM9745 or SPM9746 spektrum Sat. ? If so what is the working spektrum Sat. which i should purchase in order to connect with a spektrum DX6e transmitter ?
on spectrum satellite no , however you can use a lemon satellite which will work
i have 2 trex 150 models , if i buy the latest flybarless system will it be compatible to perform atitude control and perform stability control?
yes you can get the latest ones and these will give you flight control
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RC Car Help
Question - Do I need anything else to run my Nitro RC Car model ?
short from glow starter and fuel , you should not anything else
Hi, Can this buggy run in wet conditions? Thank you
this rc car can take some splashing as it does have a waterprrof esc
How long are those and how big are the holes
these are small as they fit a 1/16 car, hence what the ftx ranger XC is
How do I run in my nitro car
See the blog article that we have
How to complete an AVC Calibration on Arrma Cars
How AVC Calibration on Arrma Cars
What’s the run time with the battery provided for the Arrma Boost cars ?
The provided batteries run between 8-10 minutes, however a LiPo battery would give much longer time
RC Car Tyres and Spur Gears are the under warranty ?
these are consumable items so would not really be a warranty item
Can this outback fury be run on lipo battery's please.
unfortunately not, this rc car can only use a NIMH battery
How do I fix my RC car that goes forward by its self?
check your trim settings on the transmitter
Running time on my new brushed FTX Car is a little short
between 5-7 minutes is normal for the included battery that comes with the car
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Plane General Help
Good morning, Does the Avian 60 Amp Brushless Smart ESC P-SPMXAE1060 come with an IC5 connector for the battery, please? (I know some have an IC3 which would be no good).
Fitted with an IC3
Hi, do you stock the propellors for this model, thank you
the propeller you need for this model is V-P7611204X2 and comes as a full set of 2
Hi there . I bought the sport cub set but forgot about controller and battery - do you supply this?
we do sell batteries and controller have a look at the links added to this for suggestions
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