Find Petrol Radio Controlled Cars Online

To achieve real pace and power on the tracks and off-road pathways you have discovered, you will need fuel. Our petrol radio-controlled cars at Align Trex will offer the best combination of speed, acceleration and fun, without limitations.

If you are in the market for a new petrol radio-controlled car, our online store can boast the best possible products from leading brands such as 5IVE, Baja and Losi. We have some of the best petrol, hybrid and electric radio-controlled cars on the market to ensure you win your next race and surpass your personal best times as soon as possible.

Why choose a petrol radio-controlled car?

Whatever your needs and no matter who the car is for, investing in a petrol or hybrid RC car will give you more power and a better range than ordinary models. The ability to call upon both gas or petrol means that you can squeeze those split-seconds off your times.

Our exciting array of petrol radio-controlled cars and hybrid models from the best brands on the business is perfect for any situation, such as:

  • Racedays and track days with friends
  • Competitive RC racing
  • A gift for your child
  • A present for yourself
  • Just for fun

In any case, Align Trex can help to guide you towards the best possible RC car for your specific needs.

To find out more and to discover more about our RC cars, speak with our team today.