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RC Car Finder

Select an option below to narrow down the search for your ideal RC model from our selection of over fantastic Range of RC cars from 30+ top manufacturers!


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We stock a range of remote control cars suitable for kids and beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced skill levels.

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Vehicle type

Explore a wide array of RC vehicles, including buggies, truggies, drifters, rock crawlers, stadium trucks, short course trucks, lowriders, and monster trucks. Find your ideal on- or off-road RC vehicle type here as you continue your search for the perfect choice.


Monster Trucks

Monster Truck

RC monster trucks are incredibly versatile. Whether you want to race, tackle challenging trails, or zip through the streets, a radio-controlled monster truck can handle any terrain with ease!.

Rock Crawlers

Rock Crawlers

Scalers and rock crawlers conquer rugged terrain that halts other RC vehicles, relishing the challenge of overcoming extreme obstacles.

Stadium Truck

Stadium Trucks

RC stadium trucks, thanks to their low ground clearance, exhibit excellent maneuverability on dirt tracks and pavement. They also boast impressive jumping abilities and durability to withstand considerable wear and tear.

Drift Cars

Drift RC Cars

RC drift cars are finely tuned machines built for precision and style. With specialized tires and handling, they gracefully slide around corners, replicating the thrill of drifting in full-scale racing.

Off Road RC Car

Off Road RC Cars

TOff-road RC cars are built for rugged terrain, conquering dirt trails, rocky landscapes, and more. These versatile vehicles offer thrilling adventures for hobbyists who crave challenging outdoor action.



RC buggies blend car and truck features, ideal for off-road adventures. Built to endure rough terrain, they're perfect for spirited backyard driving.

Short Course truck

Short Course Truck

RC short course trucks thrive in racing and backyard driving. Wide tires handle diverse terrains, and full-fendered bodies enhance stability for lively and upright adventures.

On road rc cars

Off-Road RC Cars

RC on-road cars are purposefully designed to perform on smooth, paved surfaces, offering a different style of racing and precision handling compared to their off-road counterparts.


Browse by Motor

Radio-controlled models come in various power options. Electric motors demand less maintenance and are ideal for beginners, while gasoline or nitro engines offer authentic sounds and avoid battery recharging. Explore our power-based vehicle selection to suit your preference and needs.

Petrol Engine RC Cars

These RC cars and trucks are equipped with engines that run on standard unleaded gasoline, the same fuel used in full-size automobiles. Gas-powered models often come in larger sizes, typically at 1/5 scale or even larger.

Brushed Electric RC Car

RC cars driven by brushed electric motors are known for their straightforward maintenance and typically stand as the most budget-friendly options.

Brushed Electric Cars

Brushed motor-powered electric radio-controlled vehicles are cost-effective and require straightforward maintenance, making them an accessible option for many enthusiasts.

Nitro Engine RC Cars

While commonly labeled as "gas powered," RC cars equipped with nitro (or glow) engines rely on a unique fuel mixture composed of methanol, nitromethane, and lubricating oil.


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We have remote control cars for various budgets. See below to sort by price from under £40 up to over £400.

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Want to browse by size? We have RC Cars that are small scale, standard (commonly known as 1/10th), or large formats (all the way up to 1/5th).




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