Three Of Our Favourite Electric Radio Controlled Cars To Buy Online

Electric is the future. More and more charging points are popping up across the UK and the world as eco-friendlier alternative to cars are found.

Cars using electric is not a new fad, however. Our electric range of RC cars at Align Trex are one of our most important collections of products. Fast, agile and easy to charge up any time you wish to head out, our electric radio-controlled cars could become your new favourite RC car.

If you are interested in using electric, you will want to be guided through the various stages. Our electric radio-controlled cars come in various styles and with plenty of features.

To help you make your choice, here are three electric RC cars that could be perfect for you:

  • FTX Comet: With four different versions to choose from, you will be certain to discover the power and style of this big-wheeled off-roader.
  • Traxxas Latrax Rally: The infamous style of rally cars makes them popular on our site. Take to the bumpy paths with this electric rally car.
  • Team Associated RC28: Navigate any and all bumps in the road with this powerful and smooth RC car. This race buggy will look great churning through the miles.

To discover our full range of electric radio controlled cars at Align Trex, speak with us today.