Loyality Reward Scheme

PAYING You to shop with us

Shopping with gives you far more than great products, great prices and great service.

You can earn loyalty points for almost everything you do on our web site. From registering for the first time you will get 10 points.
You’ll earn points with every purchase so very soon you’ll have enough points to spend on the ALIGN-TREX Models website. If you refer a friend to a product on our site then you get 200 points.

The points will soon mount up whether you are a hobby flyer or a commercial pilot and they’ll help you to save money on your next major purchase or even pay for that must-have accessory.

How it works?

Money is being rewarded according to the following table:

 Spend each £2 1
 Register at 0
 Subscribe to ALIGN-TREX newsletter 0
 Write review for our product 2
TAG a product 1
Refer a Friend 200
Birthday Points 200
Once your order has been shipped, the points automatically get added to your account. You can login and see your points at any time

Points and Value

Currently every £2 spent gives you 1p, as shown in the table above. This is subject to change at any time, and the table above will show the correct rate of earnings

Credit as points

We some times offer refunds and extra money off as points, and this credit is added to your account as points. These Points will have no Expiry date. If you ever need clarification or require some advise please email us through our contact us page

Redeeming points and Using them

You can use your points at any time against a new order, you simply use the points as money at checkout, just select how much you would like to use and any other payment method if your Basket value is higher than the points you have avaliable

Minimum Points Required

There are no minimum points, you can use as small amount or all your points.

Minimum Purchase Amount Required

Currently there is no minimum purchase amount required in order to earn points

Maxiumum Point Redemptions Allowed

Currently there is no upper limit to the maxium allowed

Earning points on Shipping

Unfortunitly you do not earn points on Shipping costs

Earning points on Tax Fees

You will earn points on tax fees, infact what ever it cost you to purchase the product

Earning points on Discounted Products

You will earn points on anything you purchase

Will I earn points when purchases paid with points?

No. When calculating the amount of points earned. Any purchase made by redeeming points are excluded. 

Earning Referral Points

See table above for Referral Points, you normal get a link at purchase time, and a referal link is avaliable in your account to use

Earning Points While writing a Products Review

See table above as you do get points for Reviews

Conditions of Use

  1. Points Earned at ALIGN-TREX Models are usable within this store
  2. It should be noted that the reward points are not valid cash-back. Instead of that, you can use your reward points to purchase our other products or services.
  3. You can check your reward point balance by visiting Account Balance page on the left of My Account page.
  4. With this feature, you can increase the number of points for a period of time.
  5. Points are non-refundable and can't be transferred between member's.
  6. Shopping Points are non-transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.
  7. Points last for 1 year from the time you recieve them, a reminder is sent out to ensure you don't loose out ( Updated 21/12/2017 )