Where To Buy The Best Remote Controlled Planes Online

Take off and landing will be the two most contentious parts of your flying adventure. Once you have nailed these vital elements, you will be ready to battle in the skies to complete those manoeuvres and moves.

Whether you are gliding towards doing a barrel roll, you are getting close to loop-the-looping in the air or you have never used an RC plane, you are in the best place.

Align Trex is your destination for everything from training planes through to fighter jets which can all be controlled in the palm of your hand.

Why are remote controlled planes a great investment?

Children and adults both enjoy the freedom of flying planes. From the beginning stage of learning the controls through to mastering the skills, it can offer a brilliant development curve for both young and old.

Remote controlled planes at Align Trex cover a wide range of styles from leading brands in the world of RC vehicles. We are proud to host some of the most sought-after models such as Goblin planes, ducted fan planes, sport flyer planes, trainer planes, micro planes and much more.

In addition to our exclusive collection of remote-controlled planes, we have an array of spare parts and accessories that can keep your plane flying reliably in the sky.

If you would like to find out more about our products and the full extent of our RC collection, speak with us today.