SAB Goblin 500 Raw

SAB Goblin 500 Raw
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SAB Goblin 500 Raw

SAB Helicopters: Elevating RC Helicopter Excellence

In the world of radio-controlled (RC) helicopters, SAB Helicopters has established itself as a leading force, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance. Based in Italy, SAB Helicopters has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-quality RC helicopters and related components. Enthusiasts and professionals alike turn to SAB for their helicopter needs, and one standout model within the company's extensive lineup is the Raw 500, a true testament to SAB's commitment to excellence.

A Legacy of Excellence

SAB Helicopters traces its roots back to the early days of RC helicopter flight. The company has always been driven by a passion for precision engineering and an unwavering commitment to delivering a superior flying experience. Founded by Stefano Benni, a visionary in the RC helicopter industry, SAB has consistently pushed the envelope of what's possible with RC helicopters.

SAB's legacy of excellence is built on a foundation of cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. From the very beginning, the company has been a pioneer in the development of modern RC helicopters, continually introducing new designs and features that set the industry standard. The Raw 500, a prime example of this commitment to innovation, embodies the SAB philosophy.

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Introducing the Raw 500

The Raw 500 is a standout model within SAB Helicopters' diverse product range, and it exemplifies the brand's dedication to providing the best possible RC helicopter experience. This particular model has been meticulously designed to cater to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts, ranging from those who prefer sport flying to the hardcore 3D pilots seeking precision and agility in their aerial maneuvers.

Key Features of the Raw 500:

1. Ideal Size: The Raw 500 was conceived with a unique focus on size. It strikes a harmonious balance, ensuring it's neither too small nor too large, offering the pilot an optimal size for various flying scenarios. This size versatility means that you can enjoy the Raw 500's performance in a variety of settings, whether you're operating in confined spaces or wide-open fields.

2. Impressive Specifications: The Raw 500 boasts an impressive array of specifications. With a main rotor diameter of 1180mm and tail blades measuring 80mm, it's ready to deliver outstanding performance. It's compatible with 6S 3300/3700 mAh batteries, which provide ample power and endurance for extended flight sessions. The Raw 500 is engineered for a dynamic and exhilarating flight experience, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots.

3. User-Friendly Design: SAB Helicopters understands the value of a user-friendly design. The Raw 500 incorporates several features to enhance the flying experience. The quick-release battery tray with integrated connectors streamlines battery replacement, allowing you to get back in the air swiftly. Blade grip arms made from durable Zytel HTN resin ensure reliability and performance. Additionally, the Raw 500's design eliminates the need to remove the canopy when replacing batteries, saving valuable flight time.

4. Superior Ratios: The Raw 500's main ratio of 1:5/6 and tail ratio of 4:1 contribute to a well-balanced and agile flight experience. These ratios are meticulously engineered to deliver precise control, making aerobatic maneuvers and 3D flight an absolute delight. Whether you're executing graceful loops or rapid rolls, the Raw 500's ratios provide the performance you need.

The Raw 500 is not just a helicopter; it's a testament to SAB's dedication to meeting the diverse needs of RC helicopter enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a versatile helicopter for recreational flying or a high-performance machine for competitive 3D aerobatics, the Raw 500 delivers on all fronts.

SAB Helicopters' Commitment to Innovation

SAB Helicopters has always been at the forefront of RC helicopter innovation. The company is driven by a relentless pursuit of new technologies and designs to enhance the overall flying experience. This dedication to innovation has led to a variety of groundbreaking features and materials used in their helicopters, which are consistently met with enthusiasm by the RC community.

One prime example of SAB's innovative spirit is their use of Zytel HTN resin for blade grip arms. This high-quality material is both durable and lightweight, providing enhanced performance without compromising on reliability. Zytel HTN resin ensures that the Raw 500's components can withstand the rigors of flight, from smooth circuits to intense 3D stunts.

Customer-Centric Focus

SAB Helicopters takes great pride in its customer-centric approach. Every aspect of their product development, from design to support, revolves around ensuring that customers have the best possible experience with their helicopters. The Raw 500 embodies this customer-focused philosophy, providing enthusiasts with a helicopter that meets their needs and surpasses their expectations.

The ideal size of the SAB Raw 500 is a testament to SAB's attention to customer preferences. SAB understands that RC pilots have varying preferences when it comes to size, so they designed the Raw 500 to be that perfect sweet spot. It's large enough to handle aerobatic maneuvers with ease, yet it's compact enough for those who prefer flying in smaller spaces. This customer-centric design is a testament to SAB's commitment to providing options that cater to a wide range of pilot preferences.

Furthermore, the Raw 500's design reflects SAB's commitment to user-friendliness. The quick-release battery tray with integrated connectors simplifies battery replacement, eliminating the hassle of disassembling the helicopter to change batteries. This convenience allows pilots to maximize their flight time and enjoy more time in the air. The thoughtful design decisions, like using mini-sized cyclic and tail servos, provide precise control and responsiveness to meet the needs of both sport and 3D pilots.

Performance Excellence

SAB Helicopters consistently delivers exceptional performance in all their models, and the Raw 500 is no exception. With a main rotor diameter of 1180mm, it offers excellent stability and lift. The 80mm tail blades provide exceptional control and agility, making even the most complex maneuvers a breeze. These specifications ensure that the Raw 500 is ready to meet the demands of both sport flying and hardcore 3D aerobatics.

The Raw 500 is designed to accommodate 6S 3300/3700 mAh batteries, which provide a perfect balance of power and flight time. These recommended batteries are not only capable of delivering the necessary power for aerobatics but also offer a good amount of flying time for extended enjoyment.

The Raw 500's recommended ESC rating of 6S-120A and motor size (4020, 800-900Kv) ensure that the helicopter operates efficiently and reliably, keeping up with the demands of even the most aggressive pilots.

The impressive main and tail ratios of the Raw 500 further enhance its performance. With a main ratio of 1:5/6 and a tail ratio of 4:1, this helicopter is finely tuned to deliver precise control and responsiveness. Whether you're executing rapid rolls, inverted flight, or 3D maneuvers, the Raw 500's ratios allow you to take full advantage of its capabilities.

A Thrilling Flying Experience

SAB Helicopters, including the Raw 500, is all about delivering a thrilling flying experience. The company's focus on innovation, user

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