ARRMA BIG ROCK 6S Unleashing the Beast: An In-Depth Exploration of this RC Car

Arrma Big Rock 6S
28 January 2024 138 view(s)
ARRMA BIG ROCK 6S Unleashing the Beast: An In-Depth Exploration of this RC Car

Unleashing the Beast: An In-Depth Exploration of the ARRMA BIG ROCK 6S BLX 4x4

Having spent considerable time navigating the thrilling terrain with the BIG ROCK 6S BLX 4x4, it's time to dive deep into the nuances of this colossal RC monster truck. Super-sized to an impressive 1/7 scale and powered by the relentless 6S platform, the BIG ROCK promises an RC experience that transcends the ordinary, blending power, durability, and style into a formidable package.

Key Features That Define Excellence:

  1. Detailed Scale Looks: One cannot help but marvel at the meticulous attention to detail exhibited in the three factory-finished body color choices. The realism achieved in the scale looks sets the BIG ROCK apart in the realm of RC vehicles.

  2. Spektrum Brushless Power: The beating heart of this monster is the updated 6S LiPo capable Spektrum brushless power system. It not only boasts raw power but also ensures efficiency and responsiveness, providing an exhilarating driving experience.

  3. Aggressive Stealth Style: The aesthetic prowess of the BIG ROCK is further accentuated by the aggressive stealth style emanating from the black chassis components and electronics. It's not just a truck; it's a statement.

  4. Bash-Ready Toughness: The legendary ARRMA all-road toughness is not merely a marketing claim; it's a testament to the engineering excellence infused into the BIG ROCK. It's designed to conquer all terrains, from the smooth asphalt to the rugged off-road trails.

  5. Top-Speed Capability: The BIG ROCK unleashes its full potential when equipped with a 6S LiPo and the included optional speed pinion. Clocking speeds of 65+ mph is not just a number; it's a thrilling testament to the sheer power encapsulated in this monster.

In the Box: A Treasure Trove of Excitement:

Opening the box reveals a carefully curated collection of components, each contributing to the overall thrill that awaits. The contents include:

  • ARRMA BIG ROCK Crew Cab 6S BLX 1/7 Scale 4WD Electric Monster Truck RTR
  • Spektrum Firma 150A Smart V2 Waterproof ESC
  • Spektrum Firma 4074 2050Kv Brushless Motor
  • Spektrum S665 Waterproof Metal-Gear Digital Servo
  • Spektrum 2.4GHz SLT3 Transmitter
  • Spektrum SR315 3-Channel Dual Protocol Receiver
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • Miscellaneous Tools

Each component is a testament to the commitment to quality and performance that ARRMA is renowned for.

Arrma Big Rock 6S BLX White

Essentials to Complete the Experience:

To embark on your RC adventure, you'll need the following essentials:

Ensure your batteries meet the recommended minimum specs of 5000mAh 50C to guarantee optimal performance.

Immersive Features That Elevate the Experience:

  • Fully Assembled and Ready-to-Run: No need to fumble with intricate assembly processes. The BIG ROCK arrives fully assembled, ready to hit the trails and unleash its power.

  • Detailed Scale Looks: The visual appeal of the BIG ROCK is enhanced by the three factory-finished body color choices, ensuring that you not only experience the power but also do so in style.

  • Aggressive Stealth Style: The menacing presence is accentuated by the black chassis components and electronics, setting the tone for an aggressive and powerful performance.

  • Easy-to-Use Clipless Front Body Mount System: Preserving the detailed scale looks is made effortless with the clipless front body mount system, allowing for quick and secure adjustments.

  • Integrated Roll Hoop and Bed: Beyond aesthetics, the integrated roll hoop and bed contribute to the bash-ready toughness that defines ARRMA vehicles, adding an extra layer of protection during challenging rides.

  • Powerful Spektrum S665 Steel Gear Waterproof Steering Servo: Precision and durability come together in the form of the powerful steering servo, ensuring responsive control even in demanding situations.

  • Updated Spektrum Firma 150A V2 Smart ESC: The brains behind the brawn, the updated ESC delivers more punch and an improved driving feel, complementing the power-packed performance of the BIG ROCK.

  • Spektrum SLT3 3-Channel 2.4GHz Radio with SR315 DSMR Receiver: The high-quality radio system ensures reliable communication, allowing you to navigate your monster truck with confidence.

  • Black Anodized Aluminium Chassis and Shock Towers: The use of premium materials such as black-anodized aluminum adds to the overall ruggedness and durability of the BIG ROCK.

  • Oil-Filled Adjustable Shocks: A smooth and controlled ride is achieved through the oil-filled shocks, adaptable to various terrains and conditions.

  • Heavy-Duty Drivetrain and All-Metal Diff Outdrives: The robust drivetrain, coupled with all-metal diff outdrives, ensures that the BIG ROCK can handle the power and torque generated by the 6S brushless system.

  • Durable Steel Driveshafts Throughout: The emphasis on durability extends to the steel driveshafts, ensuring that the entire powertrain is equipped to withstand the rigors of intense bashing.

  • dBoots RAGNAROK V2 Vented Tyres with Tough Off-Road Tread Pattern: Traction is key, and the dBoots RAGNAROK V2 tires deliver with their vented design and aggressive off-road tread pattern.

  • Five-Spoke Wheels and Super-Durable Wheel Hubs: Aesthetics meet durability with the five-spoke wheels and super-durable wheel hubs, rounding off the impressive exterior of the BIG ROCK.

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty: ARRMA stands behind the durability and performance of the BIG ROCK with a 2-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind for your RC adventures.

Overview: A Symphony of Power and Style:

Built on the proven 6S BLX platform and magnified to 1/7 scale, the BIG ROCK 6S BLX is not just an RC monster truck; it's a force to be reckoned with. The ready-to-run setup eliminates the hassle of assembly, and the Spektrum brushless power system, featuring the efficient 2050Kv motor and Smart V2 waterproof ESC, is the beating heart that propels this monster to unparalleled speeds.

The aesthetics are nothing short of captivating, with realistic scale details and "stealth" black-anodized aluminum parts elevating the BIG ROCK to a league of its own. The 6S LiPo capable brushless power system ensures that every component, from the reinforced 6061-T6 aluminum chassis to the oil-filled adjustable shocks, is optimized for durability and bashing potential.

The integrated roll hoop and bed contribute not just to toughness but also to the rugged truck style that defines ARRMA vehicles. The massive dBoots R

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