Goosky RS7 700 Class RC Helicopter

Goosky RS7 700 Class RC Helicopter
28 January 2024 274 view(s)
Goosky RS7 700 Class RC Helicopter

Goosky RS7 the 700 class RC Helicopter

Unveiling the Goosky RS7 - Elevate Your RC Experience!

Introducing the Goosky RS7, a cutting-edge 700 class RC Helicopter that sets a new standard in the world of remote-controlled aviation. This model, equipped with renowned Azure blades, stands out in the flourishing 700 class market.

Key Features:
Azure Blades: Famous Azure main and tail blades for optimal performance.
Standout in 700 Class: As the 700 class trend rises, Goosky distinguishes itself as a top contender.

Exclusive Preorder Opportunity: Be the first to own the Goosky RS7! Available soon for preorder, secure your spot to experience the latest in RC helicopter technology.

Pricing Information: The Goosky RS7, featuring Azure blades, is priced at an attractive £799 during the initial launch. Don't miss this opportunity to own a premium 700 class model.

Technical Specifications:
Belt Tail Design: The RS7 boasts a 700 class model with a distinctive belt tail on the rear.
Innovative Frame: A split main frame adds to the model's uniqueness.
Convenient Battery Placement: Like all Goosky models, effortlessly slip in the battery without moving the canopy.
Weight: Weighing in at 3.5kg with batteries, the RS7 delivers power with agility.

Don't settle for ordinary - embrace the extraordinary with the Goosky RS7. Secure your preorder now and be at the forefront of RC innovation! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Goosky RS7 price ?

the current retail at launch will be £799 with Azure blades

What are the Goosky RS7 specs ?

the latest model is a 700 class model boosting a belt tail on the rear , a split main frame. As with all goosky models, they offer the battery to slipped into the model without moving the canopy, the model boosts being on 3.5Kg with batteries

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