LOSI Promoto-MX Motorcycle the RC model what is it really like ?

LOSI Promoto-MX
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LOSI Promoto-MX Motorcycle the RC model what is it really like ?

Is the promoto mx any good

I've been a die-hard RC fan and dirt bike enthusiast for years, and let me tell you, the Losi Promoto-MX is a game-changer! It's not just another scale RC motorcycle; it's the dream come true for every RC hobbyist and dirt bike lover out there.

What blew me away is the Promoto-MX's realism—it's not just about the sharp looks, narrow frame, rider gear, and licensed graphics. It's the mind-blowing fusion of mechanical and electronic technology specifically crafted for this beast. The 2700Kv motor and steel flywheel at the heart create an insane gyroscopic force, ensuring stability even at a jaw-dropping 22,000 rpm.

The Spektrum MS6X technology, synced with the DX3PM transmitter, adds a whole new level of control. Leans, turns, and wheelies become second nature with this setup—it's like the bike reads your mind!

Now, let's talk about the mechanical wizardry. The team at Losi nailed the full-size motorcycle suspension geometry, giving the Promoto-MX the handling characteristics of a real dirt bike. The rising rate rear suspension keeps things grippy, and the adjustable front fork is a game-changer for tweaking ride height.

And the brakes? Wow! The front and rear wheel braking system is a game-changer, cutting stopping distances in half compared to rear brake-only setups. The performance at both high and low speeds is unmatched, offering a feel that's instantly familiar to dirt bike enthusiasts.

Whether you're into carving berms, skimming whoops, holding wheelies, or throwing roost, the Promoto-MX delivers. It's not just an RC dirt bike; it's a rideable masterpiece that truly works. Anytime, anywhere, I grab my Losi Promoto-MX, zone in, commit to my line, and become the bike. It's not just a toy—it's a thrilling experience!


The Promoto-MX isn't just another RC motorcycle; it's the realization of every RC hobbyist and dirt bike fan's dream. Unprecedented realism meets cutting-edge technology, creating a seamless blend of electronic and mechanical advancements. From gyroscopic stability to terrain handling, it brings the true dirt bike experience to life. Finally, an RC dirt bike that truly works - your ticket to deep dives into the heart of the action!

Dreaming of an RC dirt bike that mirrors real-life performance? Look no further - introducing the Losi Promoto-MX, the pinnacle of RC motorcycle innovation. The first of its kind, it combines mechanical excellence with patent-pending Spektrum MS6X technology for an unmatched riding experience.

Key Features:

✨ Best-looking and best-performing RC dirt bike ever made.
✨ New Spektrum MS6X technology for precise control.
✨ Frame-integrated high-RPM flywheel for unparalleled stability.
✨ Officially licensed Pro Circuit graphics and rider gear.

Included in the Box:

  • Complete RTR Motorcycle,
  • Spektrum Smart DX3PM Transmitter,
  • AA Batteries,
  • 5000mAh 2S 7.4V Smart G2 LiPo Battery,
  • Smart S120 USB-C Charger,
  • Bike Stand, Starting Stand,
  • Product Manual, Quick Start Guide,
  • Chain Lube,
  • Tuning Parts,
  • Fork and Shock Tools.

Losi Promoto-MX Motorcycle Pro

Features that Set it Apart:

✅ Officially licensed Dunlop MX53 tyres.
✅ Rising rate rear suspension for superior grip.
✅ Powerful brushless system reaching 40+ mph.
✅ Dirt, Street, and Wheelie Control drive modes.
✅ Realistic rider figure and authentic riding gear.
✅ Collapsible front crash structure and cable-driven front disc brake.
✅ Hands-free starting stand and keyed bike stand.

Fully Assembled and Ready-to-Run:

Experience the thrill with everything you need included. No additional purchases required - just grab your Losi Promoto-MX and be the bike!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top speed of the Losi promoto?

Unleash the Promoto-MX's power system, capable of conquering large triples with robust torque and achieving impressive top speeds exceeding 40 mph on a 2S LiPo battery. Get ready for an exhilarating ride!

How do RC motorcycles balance?

The weight of the wheels, their circular force, and precise steering collaborate to maintain equilibrium, mirroring the dynamics of real motorcycles. In instances of imbalance, drivers can employ counter-steering

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